I have always been roughly the same size throughout my adult life, with a few periods of yoyo dieting thrown in.  However, over the last year I found my weight was gradually creeping up until, before I knew it, I was MUCH heavier than I have ever been in my life, having increased by 2 dress sizes and looking much bigger than I ever have before.  I decided something had to be done and this is when Zoe came to my rescue!

Zoe set me a 12 week diet & training programme and promised me I would see results if I stuck to both.  I wasn’t entirely convinced that I would see much difference in 12 weeks but committed to it none the less, hopeful that there would be some improvement, even if only small.

Upon first glance at the diet plan I thought I would be hungry most of the time but how wrong I was.  I was actually eating more regularly on the diet than I was previously so hunger wasn’t an issue at all.  I was obviously eating much more healthily which stopped the bloating that I suffered on a daily basis before, and I didn’t feel anywhere near as tired as I always did before I started the diet.

I’m not a gym bunny by any stretch of the imagination, in fact they intimidate me.  But I knew I had to stick to the training programme as well as the diet plan if I wanted optimum results so I pushed myself to go and do the plans Zoe had set for me.  They were hard work, very hard work those first few times!  But my fitness improved very quickly and, dare I say it, I started to enjoy my gym sessions.

Week by week my weight came down and seeing the ever decreasing numbers on the scales was a real boost.  I didn’t have a single week when the numbers went back up, just constant loss throughout the 12 weeks.

By the end of my 12 weeks I had lost 2 stone and 18.25 inches.  I never expected to lose so much in 12 weeks, I was absolutely astonished.

Zoe was a fantastic support throughout the 12 weeks and I can’t thank her enough.  Whenever I had a question, a moan or a wobble (of which there were a few!) Zoe was there with a word of encouragement to motivate me to keep going.  She was incredibly patient with me and gave me the drive to continue and complete my 12 weeks.

I don’t live near Zoe so we worked together remotely but this wasn’t a problem at all.  We were in constant contact and I sent photos regularly so she could see my progress and Clare before and aftertweak my training programmes accordingly if necessary.  The end results were absolutely fantastic and clear to see when you put my before and after photos next to each other.

I’m over the moon with how much I achieved in such a short space of time and can’t recommend Zoe highly enough.  As I said earlier, she promised me results and she certainly delivered.  Trust what she tells you, stick to the plans she gives you and you will achieve your goals.  I certainly did!

Clare – Online client

Having decided that I needed to get in shape, I researched personal trainers online.  I’m not a big fan of the gym and felt this approach would suit my busy work schedule.  I came across Zoe’s profile and read on with interest.  I contacted Zoe; we had a brief discussion over the phone to discuss my ultimate goal, with a potted history of past exercise and eating habits (this bit is really important).

Following the call, we arranged to meet to discuss my requirements in greater depth. It was at this point I realised Zoe was the trainer for me. During the conversation, Zoe asked all the right questions on my health, eating habits, how much time I could commit to the program, what my ultimate goal was and how she could help achieve my goal.

We agreed on a twelve-week program; and the hard work began on the first training session. Zoe turned up with a very specific program tailored to my requirements, it was clear to me at this point that Zoe had taken on board all of my needs.

As for the training, it was hard but fun, with some very specific exercises tailored to me. This continued for the twelve weeks, with Zoe introducing new exercises every few weeks to change how my body reacted; and to remain out of my comfort zone. This clearly demonstrated to me that Zoe continuously is working for you, changing how things are done, not just one program at the beginning, for twelve weeks.

Zoe works you very hard from the first to the last minute of each training session, to ensure you get the maximum from each session. I have to admit, it’s not for the faint hearted, you have to commit 100% but it is very enjoyable.

So, after the twelve-week program; am I happy? You bet I am! My body composite has change dramatically, I have muscular definition in all of my muscle groups, I have lost inches all around my body, I feel younger, fitter, and healthier for it. As I said before, if you commit to the training 100%, you’ll be 100% happy with the results.

If you are looking for a Personal Trainer to achieve your goal; then Zoe is the one, I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to embark on the journey to a healthier, fitter life.

James – Leeds

I first got to know Zoe around 15 years ago from attending her spin classes at a local gym. She was the only one who could make the class interesting and push you to the limit.

I asked Zoe for some help with a training program to help get me get in better shape for an Ironman I was taking part in. She took me through a full assessment of flexibility, diet and current training then we went through a range of exercises that would help with the extra strength and conditioning I needed.

A few days later she returned with the plan she had put together and we talked through it agreeing that I could incorporate it into my current training without overdoing it.

I managed to complete my Ironman distance race in 11hrs 35 mins so the results speak for themselves.

Tom – Driffield

Zoe is an incredibly motivating coach and one of the best things I have found about working with her is that she actually cares and wants to help you succeed in the best way possible.

Zoe set me a gym programme a number of years ago when going to the gym was all new to me and made it challenging but achievable. When that programme then became easier for me she reviewed it and tweaked it to ensure I was still making progress and pushing myself.

Zoe doesn’t just set diet/gym programmes for you and leave you to get on with it. She listens to what you want to achieve and your capabilities/limitations and personalises your programme to suit you. She then keeps in touch regularly to motivate and encourage and will do whatever she can to help you achieve your goals.

I can’t recommend Zoe highly enough. She has been a massive help to me and I have achieved great results with her guidance and support.

Clare – Driffield

Zoe was very good at listening to what my goals were. She then developed a comprehensive training plan suited to me – I have a weak knee but Zoe was still able to create me an effective plan around the weakness.

Zoe is a proper taskmaster which is exactly what you need if you don’t perhaps have the amount of self-discipline needed to achieve your goals. She certainly knows how to motivate and inspire you!

You can tell that Zoe has a passion for her health and well-being and a passion for the health and well-being of others. There is always enthusiasm and motivation when dealing with Zoe regarding fitness and wellbeing.

Your personal goals and objectives are never forgotten and they are the driving force behind the progress made during the programme.

Look forward to the next round of blood, sweat and tears!

James – Driffield


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