How healthy is your lifestyle test

Welcome to the How healthy is my lifestyle test. Β Take the test to find out how healthy your current lifestyle is and whether you could makeΒ changes to improve your health.


How often do you exercise so that you are breathing heavily and find holding a conversation challenging? For example: walking the dog, cardio at the gym or an exercise class, manual work as part of your job or hobby.


How often do you do any exercise that includes resistance to work your muscles? For example: weights in the gym; manual lifting as part of your job or hobby.


How often do you do any form of stretching, for example: after exercise, a yoga class.


How often do you eat meals prepared with fresh ingredients?


How often do you eat takeaway meals, including ready prepared sandwiches, pies and salads as well as meals such as pizza, fish and chips, Indian or Chinese food?


How many hours of sleep do you typically get per night?


On average how frequently do you feel stressed?


How much water do you typically drink each day?


How many times (meals/snacks) do you usually eat each day?


How often do you eat within an hour of getting up?

Thank you for completing the test, your result will be emailed to you shortly!

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